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» Friday, April 13, 2007
We did the taxes tonight. Had to work on James' computer because TurboTax no longer works with Windows98. (Snobs.) Went a bit mad having to look through the old house paperwork to get the figures needed for the sale of the house reporting portion of the sequence. We made jokes during the closing on this house last year and sale of the old house, too, about all the paperwork, but compared to the pile of papers we had in 1995, last year's signings were a picnic. We also took our $40 telephone credit for the tax Congress put on telephone service during the Spanish-American War and never removed. [eyes roll] The longest thing was putting all the deductions in, because we had donated bits and pieces to Goodwill after we moved.

By the way, BBC America is running a marathon of the new Robin Hood on April 15 under the sobriquet of "Tax-Free Sunday." I love it.

(If you're happy about having until Tuesday, thank Massachusetts. It's Patriots' Day.)