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» Sunday, April 29, 2007
Sunday Surprise
When I woke up to "use the facilities" it was a quarter to nine. I thought we'd sleep a little more. Next thing I knew it was almost eleven.

If we had done our marketing as we should have, we would have ended up going to four stores; we cut it down to two and didn't get a couple of things. Picked up a few things to get us through to the monthly WalMart run.

We had a big surprise at BJs, though. As you know if you've read here long enough, James and I are both big fans of the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, down to its wonderful score (and to the point where I have a web page about it). One of the first DVD sets I bought was a used rental set of FTETTM that was missing the fourth disk with the extras. (We read a lot of reviews that said the extra disk was interesting, but after you watched it once, that was the limit of its usefulness.) This first version that HBO did was full screen (the series had been shot widescreen) and with a regular soundtrack.

Two years ago they came out with a better release, widescreen with a Dolby soundtrack (also DTS if you had the technology). Same extra disk. Again, we read the reviews and decided $60—I think it initially started out at $80—was a bit much to spend since we already had a decent copy which played even better when we traded in the old Apex for the Panasonic (we discovered then it had sound on the menu track; the Apex never played it).

So today we walked in BJs and found the whole kit and caboodle for $22.99. How could we resist? So we've been keeping cool this afternoon watching it.

James is making some type of spaghetti bake he found in a Weight Watchers™ cookbook for supper. I grew up with people who made baked spaghetti along with the regular kind and have never been much fond of it, but this has romano cheese and fresh tomatoes and even a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg—worth trying out. It's taking him some time: you have to cook the spaghetti and also make a sauce with the romano cheese and three eggs (!!!), stirring it constantly for seven minutes, and then layer it with tomatoes and some ground beef and bake it for 30 minutes. This is the difference between James and me; as far as I'm concerned, that's too darned much trouble to go through for food! I like chicken cacciatore, where you just glop it all on and turn every fifteen minutes, or making "gravy" where you brown the meat, then just let it simmer for three hours. I'd rather write.

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