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» Saturday, April 21, 2007
On the Road Again, The Spring Edition, Volume 2, Part 2
Supper at the lodge restaurant again, this time London broil, trout, and shrimp in garlic sauce on the menu. I skipped the trout and replaced it with a salad. We couldn't sit together at one big table (there were nine of us), so we ate with the Batemans, Jaime and Nesse. They are expecting their first child in August.

The main lodge has a big open area downstairs bisected by a big fireplace; we've never gone there when it was cold enough to see it lit up. Off one end of the room is a game room for those inclined and at the other end is a stairway up to the restaurant. There is an atrium between the stair and the fireplace that is hung with the most exquisite handmade quilts in various patterns and colors. These are also sold upstairs in an alcove next to the small gift shop; the restaurant is here, too, and there is a corridor off between the shop and alcove where the administrative offices and three meeting rooms are.

Back at the building, we changed into comfy clothes and joined the group; they were watching a Jackie Chan movie. I was sorting threads and cross stitching an owl with an autumn leaf while John brought out some tea and Jerry, Charles and Jake indulged in various wines. James then pulled out the "Winds of War" game he'd brought and he and Jerry played some, while I instigated an Uno game with the American Kennel Club set in the sunken fireplace seating. At various times, Juanita, Amanda, Alice, Betty, Kristine, and Sarah played while Caran kibitzed and various others dropped by.

The AKC set has four killer cards called "Best in Show." Whomever plays it calls a color and all the other players have to draw cards until they get that color. We had people having to draw up to a dozen cards. It was getting so we didn't have enough cards in the draw deck, so we withdrew three of the four Best in Shows and went on from there. Alice and Juanita went off to bed about 11:30 and that broke up the game. It was Betty's first time playing Uno and we had a ball.

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