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» Friday, April 20, 2007
On the Road Again, The Spring Edition, Volume 1, Part 1
So we are ensconsed at the Unicoi Lodge. The WiFi only seems to work outside, not in the rooms. So we're outside at a picnic table. Can't stay too long because the battery on the laptop has already dropped 20 percent in about fifteen minutes.

We left Wil and Pidgie at the vet about eleven o'clock. Pidge's bill adds up to $330.00! That's for complete checkup, blood test, fecal flotation, polyoma shot, and the beak and claw trim. Still scared about what the vet will say about his beak, which is overgrown and looking "shreddy" at the tip. Overgrown beaks can be caused by several things, including microscopic mites, but the cause usually is some type of cancer. Budgies are so interbred they suffer from it.

Just gotta hope. Otherwise he's in great health; he was excited to be traveling again and sang, chirped and called all the way to the vet's office; in an enclosed truck cab he was very loud! We had to tell him to "use an inside voice" several times. :-) Willow just whined piteously, panted and looked distressed.

We are in a different building this year; all the buildings look alike, so that's not much of a problem, we just have to take a different route with our stuff. We used the truck, so could bring the little handcart to carry our contribution to the common area munchies, the suitcase, James's C-PAP machine, the ARTC bag with some little games and my book and cross-stitch and James' magazines, "Fred the traveling pillow," and the laptop. The cart converts from two wheels, like a furniture delivery "truck" to a four-wheeled cart. Very handy. You can tell we're fannish; we always take books and lots of stuff (and we still forgot our hats!).

Very nice ride up, in the low 70s, so not too bad since it has to be spring. :-) We stopped at Nora Mills to top off James' supply of gravy and also got some cornmeal.