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» Monday, April 23, 2007
Monday Madness

1. Name a song you know most (or all) of the words to.

Just one? Most Christmas carols, even the second and third verses. Most Rupert Holmes' songs. Most patriotic songs (learned them in school). A lot of television theme songs, including the lyrics to "My Mother the Car," which I memorized at age 9 and never forgot.

2. Name a movie that you have watched more than once and would watch again.

Just one? (Gad, there's an echo in here.) Galaxy Quest. Not to mention Airplane, Airport, Jurassic Park, Mister Roberts, Cheaper by the Dozen, Auntie Mame, Romancing the Stone, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, Paper Moon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Andromeda Strain, Hunt for Red October, the Harry Potter movies, Star Trek movies, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men in Tights...wait, do you just want the whole DVD collection?

3. Have you ever read a book more than once? Please share.

Just one? (Oh, God, it's a running gag.) (Did I mention The Muppet Movie in that last question?) They're mostly in my bedroom or in the "My Favorite Books" bookcase in the spare room. All of Madeleine L'Engle's books, all of Gladys Taber's books, the Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey books, John Verney's Callendar family books, Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, Kate Seredy's The Open Gate, The Chestry Oak, The Good Master, The Singing Tree and A Brand-New Uncle, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Addie Pray, Dutch Uncle, Johnny Tremain, All the Mowgli Stories, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, to Kill a Mockingbird, Airport, Katherine Kurtz/Deborah Turner Harris' Adept books, The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible, Sudden Sea, A Wind to Shake the World, Alistair Cooke's America...wait, do you want the entire library?

4. Share an inspirational quote with us.
I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge,
Myth is more potent than history,
Dreams are more powerful than facts,
Hope always triumphs over experience,
Laughter is the cure for grief, and
Love is stronger than death.

Robert Fulghum

5. What day of the week does (or did) your birthday fall on this year?

Tuesday. I have to ask for August 31 off for the Friday of DragonCon. This means September 4 is Tuesday. December is a mirror month for September, so if December 4 is Tuesday, so is December 11 (and so is Christmas).

Besides, all I had to do was look at the calendar in Windows. LOL.

6. Have you ever bought a book or cd or movie more than once because you forgot you bought it already?

Not a CD, but yes, a couple of books.

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