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» Monday, April 16, 2007
Monday Madness

1. Who do you think is cuter, the host of Survivor, or the host of Amazing Race?

Since I've never watched either, it's hard to tell. The cutest person on television IMHO is Robert Sean Leonard on House.

2. Have you seen any movies in a theater recently?

Nope. Last movie we saw in a movie theatre was the Narnia film. James wanted to see The Astronaut Farmer but we never made it.

3. Do you read manga?


4. For people living in the US: Have you ever traveled outside of the state you were born in? For people living outside of the US: Have you ever traveled outside of your country?

Oh, goodness, yes. Supposedly Rhode Islanders don't like to travel out of Rhode Island, but we always did. I'd been through most of New England in my teens and then in 1975 and 1978 we drove cross country, in 1976 down to Virginia, and one 70s summer ('77? anyway, we went to Disney World before EPCOT even opened) and in February 1983 we drove to Florida. Plus in 1973 we took a bus tour to DC and 1974 to Pennsylvania Dutch country. Since I've lived in Georgia we've driven back to New England and also down to Florida.

5. Do you have a Yahoo! 360 page?

Er, no.

6. How many blogs/online diaries do you have total?

Four blogs (a "regular" blog, a holiday blog, a house blog, and a book blog) and a sadly-neglected Live Journal.