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» Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Get Color
Get Color is one of the newer (at least to me) decorating series on HGTV that I like. The "gimmick" with this one is that the hostess, Jane Lockhart, has a color wheel palette from which she asks her clients, usually people with chiefly white or beige decorations, to pick the colors for the room she is redecorating. The color wheel, shown below, doesn't just show the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Lockhart asks the clients about some pleasing color scheme they like—the beach, ethnic heritage, a vacation memory, a favorite season—and puts examples from that theme next to the colors on the wheel in small boxes.

Today the folks had a memory of their honeymoon, spent on the beach. So opposite the orange were scalloped shells with a terra cotta color, blue mussels with the blue, green beach grass, purple beach glass, beach sand for the yellow, etc. A week or two ago, the gentleman having the redecoration done was Scottish and loved golf. His purple was that of thistles, the red from a tartan, green from the grass of Scottish golf courses, yellow from the tees. I just love the way they pick one basic color, usually for the walls, and then go from there, showing the differences between different "looks" engendered by colors from different parts of the color wheel, using a computer to color the various elements.

Our couple today already had the yellow as the floor (honey-colored hardwoods) and chose terra cotta for the walls (the shells), a neutral color for highlights (from the white sand), and two different shades of blue (from the sea and the sky). When they got through it truly looked like a seashore sanctuary without using stereotypical shells and other nautical regalia.

I wonder what our color wheel would look like: perhaps the orange from a maple leaf, the yellow of marigolds, the red of sumac, the purple from fall asters...