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» Monday, April 16, 2007
Ever hear a song in the background of some television or radio broadcast and don't know what it is, but like it and wish you did know? Today riding home I found out the name of the driving, lively piece of music that runs under one of my favorite PBS promos: this is the promo called "This Belongs to You" and features people doing different activities while a narrator talks about how America is a nation that re-invents itself every morning. The piece is called "John Dunbar's Theme" and is by John Barry from the Dances With Wolves soundtrack.

Interestingly, GPTV (or GPB, as they are now marking themselves) also uses a quieter theme for some of their program segues; this is part of the same piece of music.

I've never seen Wolves or I guess I would have known that. :-) Thanks to XM's "Escape" channel again...