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» Thursday, April 19, 2007
Angels Dancing on the Head of a Pin
Taking a brief break—much work lately, almost like end of fiscal year. Plus with the additional backups we are being required to provide, everything is taking longer. My end users are getting quite frustrated. I do so daydream of a lottery win so I don't have to request more changes for shipping or sole source justifications and have everyone annoyed at me. It gets disheartening to have people disliking you because you have to ask for certain things they don't understand why they have to provide but which I am required to provide. Sometimes I feel like I'm supposed to be getting an accurate count of those angels!

Willow and I had a nice walk yesterday, especially since the sun was not out and it was fairly cool. Today I have to run to Kaiser and get the prescription for my heart pills, so there will be no walk for her today, but she's been getting some exercise by running after the squirrels raiding the bird feeder. I have not been able to distribute the cayenne pepper as I did previously because for some reason the seed had gotten wet. The container it is in was advertised as being waterproof, so I'm a bit ticked. It might be that it was not closed tightly enough before the rain.

I did manage to get a photo of the male cowbird, but haven't had time to post it. Willow and I saw a small flock of three of them, with a starling, yesterday on our walk, so there's a bit of a population. Wish there was a way to warn the other birds about them, but sadly we will have cardinals and mockingbirds and other birds raising cowbird chicks to the detriment of their own babies.

Oh, well, break's over...

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