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» Friday, March 30, 2007
It was so nice and cool today, with a brisk wind. It wasn't even 60°F at 2 p.m. when I took Willow out for a walk. All it needed was to add the brine scent from the ocean and it would have almost been like a day near the shore. The pine pollen has made my eyes itch, however, and my joints are aching despite the extra exercise. I envied Rick Steves up in those clear Tuscan hills today!

Otherwise it was a very frustrating day: I could not get connected with the printers. I have to log on through an internet portal which connects me with my files at work. It also is supposed to allow me access to my printers to print the things that are 24 miles across town, but despite rebooting four times I never did connect with the printers. Other people have had this problem before, but I usually just reboot once and the connection comes up. Annoying.

Willow had an encounter with the Dreaded Dalmatians again tonight: I took her out while James was Otherwise Engaged. They were running loose again. Willow immediately bowed up with all the fur along her spine standing erect like a porcupine's quills. With a little snarl she dashed after them, to be brought up short on the leash. The female dog just flees, but the male wants to make friends and play-bows to her. Willow will have none of it. They are interlopers on her territory and she wants them off!

It's funny she has no problem with them when they are over three times her size, but she tries to disappear behind me when Kristi's two pug dogs are outside.

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