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» Thursday, March 01, 2007
Gloom and All That
I've got about five minutes left to lunch. Was a bit of a hard morning—about nine I felt a migraine coming on. I took something but continued to try to work. No use. I had to take the time to lie down in the dark for it to go away. So I'll have to work late to make up the time. I don't really mind since there's no traffic involved to have to fight afterward.

Since I've finished the Get Smart set, I've taken to starting my lunch a half-hour later. That's when Rick Steves' Europe comes on WPBA; I watch that while eating lunch and then take Wil out for a walk. I was still feeling a bit queasy from the headache, so I actually haven't eaten yet, but I did sit down to watch Steves. They did the Alps today; I want to go to Switzerland now! It looks nice and cool up on those mountains—right out of Heidi. They also showed some of the Swiss hidden military installations from World War II.

We didn't walk much since it's still raining. It thundered all the early morning and Willow barked before every rumble, even the ones we couldn't hear. Urgh. That may have contributed to the headache. Anyway, lunch is over. Ta.

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