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» Saturday, February 17, 2007
A Solitary Weekend--In Color!
So here I am with a three-day weekend. Naturally, not only doesn't James get holidays, but the powers that be chose this weekend to have him attend a class both days. Plus he made an arrangement to game tonight. Typical of life, as February Callendar would say.

I stayed out much longer than I wanted to today. Started out at the East Cobb library; there was a book there I'd wanted to look at but they didn't have it any longer. Since I was right there, I stopped at Book Nook, too.

The Michael's at Town Center is still remodeling, so there was a bunch of clearance stuff. I only bought some small wooden ornaments, a half-off Valentine heart, a skein of embroidery thread with my 40 percent off coupon, a discount cross-stitch kit and a brass container at 90 percent off, and, because it was also 90 percent off, more of that dratted floral wire. Never know when the other reel will decamp.

Lots of people in JoAnn, mostly for sewing classes. Got a good deal on a stack of seasonal scrapbooking paper; can give it as a gift or keep it for myself. All their Easter stuff is 40 percent off and there is an additonal 10 percent off entire purchase. I bought two small items, a little yellow chick and a rabbit that looks as if it's antiqued.

Bought Police Squad with my Border's 30 percent off coupon, which explains the slogan uptop. I've only watched half of it, since I finished the Get Smart set tonight: the final four episodes, which includes the very worst Get Smart episode ever, "Hello Columbus, Good-bye America," and the extras. I left Don Adams' memorial service until last. Many sniffles, but lots of chuckles, especially when James Caan told the golf story. I really, really wish Don Adams had been allowed to do some serious roles. I think he could have been good.

Also stopped at the new Wally World at the East-West Connector/Powder Springs Road. Can't say I was impressed. Went for oatmeal and there was barely any. Several of the other things I needed were also not there.

Final stop was the new South Cobb Regional Library. They had a copy of a Thanksgiving book I was thinking of buying. I came home with that...and a book of veterinary stories, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, a book about dogs and the exploration of the United States, and a book about the history of spices. Libraries are dangerous places! :-)

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