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» Saturday, February 10, 2007
Friday Five

1. If you were a crayon, which color would you want to be?

A rich blue, not too light, not a paler sky blue, but more like a blue velvet, but not a dark blue velvet.

2. Which color do you think you would be regardless of what you wanted?

Brown, the same color as that mushroom I usually feel like.

3. Would you rather be used and get blunt, broken and lose your wrapper, or not be used and stay pristine?

Used. I want to color in a lot of cool pictures.

4. Would you rather be in a small set of crayons or a large set?

A large set, because I'd want to be in the middle of all the different colors and shades of the rainbow.

5. Would you rather be Crayola, or a different brand?

Crayola forever! One of the most distinctive scents in the world, even more so than famous perfumes. (And almost as good as book print.)