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» Wednesday, February 21, 2007
The Dust Ephermal
One of the craft projects I've been working on a little at the time is a project to re-add lines of glitter to six Christmas ornaments we brought home from my mom. These are elongated, with pointed ends. I was going to trash them because most of the glitter trim was gone, but James liked them, so I brought them home. Between other projects I had started restoring the glitter.

For the two blue ones I have some beautiful pale blue "fairy dust glitter" I found at JoAnn. I started on one of the blue ones yesterday. This isn't the stolid square glitter that one used to pick up in Woolworth's years ago, this is fine; it feels like beach sand. It's also that feathery. It doesn't stick to the thin line of Elmer's the way the old stuff used to, either. Used to be I could run a line and after a couple of hours it would be done. This takes forever to set. But the old glitter would have been too coarse.

I may have to stop work on it again to finish the "wish" ornament for the back yard. I'd planned to have it out there for March and it's getting close!