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» Monday, February 12, 2007
Dehydration R Us
I've never lived in a place where they have so many water main breaks. I think the City of Atlanta has had more water main breaks in the past ten years than I ever heard of in all of Providence County combined in 28 years. A few weeks ago they had a literal flood—water gushing out of the mains like oil—in Buckhead.

Last Thursday there was a main break here and the building was without water. I hear it got pretty bad in the bathrooms. They had the water fixed by Friday but it was not tested yet. I have an e-mail from Friday saying they would have the "results in an hour."

We still can't drink the water, which I didn't know when I arrived. So I'm trying to survive the day with one 16 ounce bottle of water which luckily was in my car but is already half gone. I usually drink four times that amount during the day. I'm still coughing and my throat hurts. We only have can dispenser drink machines, so there is no bottled water in the building, and I couldn't buy any anyhow, as I gave all my cash to James since I owed him the money from Saturday (and even if I had the money I gave him, I couldn't get anything to drink—it was all $20s from the bank machine and our drink machines only take dollar bills). Sheesh.