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» Friday, February 16, 2007
Attack of the "Blue Guys"
Anyone remember this episode from the 1985 version of The Twilight Zone? It was called "A Matter of Minutes" and starred Adam Arkin and Karen Austin. They wake up one morning to find that their home (apartment) looks weird and that it's overrun with little blue men building things. It turns out they have come unstuck in time or something and the blue men are the guys who build each moment in time before it arrives. This is the explanation for why you walk into a room and can't find your keys, and then you walk back into the room and there they are. The blue men are painting your next event in life one step ahead of you and sometimes they forget to put an item back.

The blue guys were working overtime this morning in our house.

The back door that leads to the deck is a metal door, so instead of a regular curtain rod I have a magnetic one. If you've never seen one of these guys, on the mounts on either side of the curtain rod, instead of holes to put nails or screws in, there are magnets to hold the rod to the door. In this case, the rod holds up a lace curtain, which is light enough to let the light in, but also gives a little privacy.

Well, the squirrels have been climbing up the deck posts to try to get at the bird feeder. Willow saw a squirrel on the deck this morning and leaped at the door trying to get at it. She must have caught a claw in the curtain, because next thing I knew, there was a bump and thump and the curtain and rod had fallen down. No biggie. I checked to see if she was hurt, then went to put the rod back up.

Obviously the rod had landed on the left mount, because it was telescoped all the way in (it's adjustable). It was just all in a heap in front of the door. I picked up rod and curtain.

Except the right mount is there, but the left mount is...gone. What the...?

It must have popped off and bounced. It's not small, it's at least three inches tall and an inch deep and bright white. It's not invisible by any stretch of the imagination.

I've searched the floor, under the chairs and on the seats of the chairs, and every single surface in the dining room. I looked IN and BEHIND Willow's crate, under the china cupboard and the microwave cart. I even searched the kitchen.

It isn't anywhere.

[puts hands on hips] All right, little blue guys, it's time to bring it back!!!

{Update 4 p.m. I had to go into the office to get a bunch of rush orders signed. The minute I got in, I looked around for the mount again. It turned out to be inside Willow's crate so far back in the corner I had not seen it the first time I looked, almost under the fleece! Everything else landed right at the foot of the door; this propelled sideways 10 feet across the room! Wicked bizarre!]