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» Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Top 10 Reasons to Telework
Today is my first day teleworking.

They gave us a combo printer/fax/scanner/copier, a honkin' big flatscreen monitor, and a laptop.

However, as I found out last night after talking an hour with computer support, the laptop she don't work right. I can log onto the teleworking portal but can't get into any of the applications. I can't even change the fargin' MSN URL that Windows strongarms on you in Internet Explorer. Apparently my laptop was set up without a Local Settings option, which means I can't save anything or get into applications.

However, I can do it fine on my home desktop, which is fine with me because that's what I wanted to work from anyway.

The combo job, on the other hand, works fine (except it would only print out part of a PDF file I was sent; I tried to print it on my laser printer and it wouldn't print there, either—wicked bizarre...). I've already received two faxes (one of the PDF file that wouldn't print) on it.

So we is connected. Meanwhile Pidge warbles happily and Willow is depressed because it's not Daddy that's home, and I offer you in bad Letterman style:

Top 10 Reasons to Telework

10. Can play Christmas music in October without people making smart remarks.
9.  Comfy clothing.
8.  The windows at home open.
7.  No driving at o'dark thirty a.m. with pack of idiots tailgating you at 75 mph.
6.  Home computer has superior word processor (WordPerfect, of course) for writing up narratives.
5.  Nice firm office chair that supports lumbar region and without arms that impede typing.
4.  Can work quietly without people talking at top of lungs outside cubicle.
3.  Air conditioning works properly at home (bathroom's a lot nicer, too).
2.  Save gasoline and help the environment at the same time since one doesn't have to cool heels in traffic 90 to 150 minutes per day.

And the number one reason is


(Best of all I get to kiss James when he left for work. <g>)