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» Wednesday, January 31, 2007
New Visitor to the Feeder
I saw a new bird at the feeder this morning and couldn't identify it: grey with yellow spots near its shoulder and also a big yellow spot between the wings. The "bird guy" in the Atlanta Journal, Charles Seabrook, was talking about a winter feeder visitor called a "yellow rumped warbler" in his column just this Sunday, so I hunted up that section for a photo. It didn't look like our visitor, so I consulted the bird book.

Aha. The photo in the paper was of a male. This was a female.

(Hm. According to a birds website, it may not be a female. This says "winter form". Anyway, this is the bird I saw, whatever sex.)

Interesting: also according to this site those "goldfinches" I've been seeing may be pine warblers. (Well, we do have pines in our yard. LOL!)

Also noticed that our wren is a "Carolina wren."