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» Wednesday, January 17, 2007
End of the First Day
Wow. This was good. Got more quotes in this afternoon, answered a phone call, made queries on some discrepancies—the usual office things.

I'm not zonked out by nine hours of fluorescent lights and at least 90 minutes of driving (the time I would have spent driving I spent sleeping this morning), plus I didn't have nine hours of a fan roaring at me because my cubicle is so stuffy (it's been running about 76°F there; I keep the house at 67).

The only thing I am having trouble with is printing some PDF files. I received several of them today as quotes. One printed out in gibberish the first time, then printed out fine the second time. A couple of others I had no trouble with, but I had at least two that would not print out completely. One was a logo, text, and a photo of a product. The logo and all the "l's" printed out fine. The rest of it was blank space. Another came as a form and all that printed out was the blue borders around the boxes. A second one that came like this I asked the end user to fax. Wicked bizarre...