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» Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Christmas Music, Crafts, and a Last Cheer for Gerald Ford... Holiday Harbour.

Let's see, out of the list I set for myself before Christmas, I accomplished the following in bold:

• First and foremostly, redistribute the photos in smaller boxes so that I can move the bookcase from the spare room into the craft room.
• Make arrangements for the after-a-year home inspection.
• Do some reading.
• Work on a new web page I have been outlining. (this is the new Five Little Peppers page)
• Do some cross-stitch.
• Paint the "Wish" garden ornament for the nook in the yard. (but I did put out both windchimes)
• Put up some photos and artwork in the master bedroom.
• Dispose of some things we no longer have room for (does anybody want our set of Myriad issues?).
• Put up the bookshelf wall decoration in the library so James can put up his magnetic boards.
• Rearrange the closet in the guest room and take anything extra to Goodwill/the library for donation before end-of-year. (we did take books to the library)

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