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» Sunday, November 12, 2006
Routine Is Good
Couldn't stay awake last night and crawled into bed around 12:30. Woke once with a disorientation nightmare and once with a call of nature; otherwise was in bed 10 hours. It's wonderful how much energy you have when you get enough sleep! We got the suitcases put up and the rest of the clothes in the washer, then went to BJ's for the necessities of life, including more milk! I kept wandering around last night thinking I would feel better if I had some milk, but that would have involved getting dressed and, even worse, getting in the car again. Ugh! :-)

When we had the groceries put away we drove out to Lithia Springs High School for Christmas in Lithia. Regrettably small like last year, and again, no "cow lady." ::sigh:: I did get a cute ceramic turkey and a leaf plate, also some inexpensive novelty Christmas ornaments and one of those wooden reindeer; I've always wanted one, but we never had a good place to put one. This has antlers that detach from the head and a head that detaches from the body and is finished on both sides, so you can have the reindeer face right or left.

I looked rather regretfully at quilts, especially a beautiful autumn-themed one in a log cabin pattern. But no...$240...need other things.

Came home to relax—and drink more milk!

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