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» Saturday, November 25, 2006
The Early Bird Catches...
...the big electric bill?

We went to an open house held by the sister of a friend of ours tonight and came home through an alternate route spotting all the homes already decorated for Christmas. While I was out at Hallmark today I saw a father and son stringing lighted garland along their fencing. Nothing spectacular yet. :-)

Food Network repeated the wonderful special from last year about the Italian foods, starting with torrone and working through the seven fishes on Christmas Eve. Hard to keep from salivating. :-) Afterwards Raven Symon hosted a special about food at Walt Disney World, primarily about edible decorations. My question is: if these decorations are edible, after Christmas does anyone eat this stuff? And if not, why on earth do they make it? All those eggs, sugar, chocolate, honey, ginger...used to be thrown away afterward? Talk about wasteful!

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