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» Friday, October 27, 2006
Last week's Friday Five

1. How do you deal with stress?

Mainly I get indigestion. Of course, with the acid reflux I get indigestion even when I take a pill. But when I'm stressed it's worse.

2. Do you have a favorite "comfort food" and what is it?

Campbell's chicken broth with rice. (Not their premade chicken rice soup; not enough rice. <g>)

3. Do you have a "comfort activity" and what is it?

Snuggled up with a good book (with budgie song and some Christmas music in the background).

4. What days depress you and why?

Every single stinking hot summer day. Summer sucks. Suck, suck, suck.

5. What days excite you and why?

Crisp cold breezy days. Long-sleeved sweatshirt with a open jacket weather. Makes me want to fly. Good days to do a little yardwork or take a walk.

Speaking of yardwork, I have (I think) finished pruning down all the saplings I intended to prune from the back yard. There are still branches sticking up that I cut on Tuesday, not to mention yesterday, so until Mr. G rakes more back there, not sure if I got it all. But it looks much neater already. When it gets chilly again (we're supposed to have a warm spell next week, of course just in time for Hallowe'en and my costume has long sleeves), I'll start sketching out the nook in the back. I've already raked where I want it to be and will pick up some of the rocks back there to make a border around the area.

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