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» Friday, October 27, 2006
Per the traffic map, my route home was a solid mass of reds, oranges, and yellows on the map (clear sailing on Georgia Navigator shows up as green), so I went home through surface streets: I-85 to access road, across Buford Highway to North Druid, right and left again to cross Peachtree, right on Brookhaven to Mabry, left to Windsor, etc, etc, through Chastain Park past the stables and up Jett to Mount Paran which got me to Cobb County and the usual route home. Much better than this morning as it was only raining lightly, and came with a bonus: there was no bright blue sky and white clouds and deep shadows to detract from the turning trees, and, as it often is on these cloudy days, the colors show up vividly against the gray and mist. I was almost sorry to leave Mabry and Windsor and Mount Paran, which were dotted with golden and pumpkin, scarlet and pale red, burnt orange and purplish crimson, pale yellow and mottled green. One bright orange-yellow tree turned my head from a distance. Because of the bad weather, Chastain Park was nearly deserted rather than being clotted with joggers and sports-playing and moms strolling their kids, so more of the landscape could be seen.

Yet the ride post-Mount Paran Road that wasn't bad either: pretty gold-green-shading-to-orange maples outside the IBM complex, the overhang of orange-red-yellow cutting through Spring Street, and the glorious bright carmines and oranges shading back to green behind the Smyrna Community Center.

I had the XM Audiovisions channel on; the music ranged from somber to lilting to complement the scenery—it took me 70 minutes to get home, yet I've had worse rides.