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» Monday, September 25, 2006
Seeking Boredom...
I had a struggle this morning not going home from work; I was extremely queasy and visiting the bathroom frequently. However, some Pepto Bismol and also ibuprofin for the headache that developed about the same time helped a lot. The lunch nap was quite welcome.

I was almost chipper by the time I got home since it had been a pleasant ride home under beautiful blue skies and sweet breeze, walked the dog, finished the laundry, and put America on. I was just sitting down to the computer to finish some business when Pidge flew by me and landed next to Willow. He's moulting and that often happens. He pattered back toward me, jumped on my hand, and then I noticed...

...on with the socks, shoes, and bra, Pidgie bundled in his carrybox, and off to the emergency vet. Yes, he had another broken blood feather. I wish I knew what was causing this.

It didn't bleed as badly as last time, partially because he bit it at the wrong end of the feather and partially because I caught it sooner and also was able to ID it and put a little pressure on it until Pidge struggled away from me. We were there and back in a little over an hour. He was very curious and wary on the way home because when we are in the car I am usually carrying him or it's daylight, so I put on one of the overhead lights and turned on the XM OTR channel.

I have him half covered now and he is complaining mightily.

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