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» Sunday, September 10, 2006
"After Today, I've Decided One Thing...
...human beings were not meant to be exposed to long amounts of sunlight." :-)

We went to the Yellow Daisy Festival and it was sunny and hot. Thankfully, neither of us was sunburned, but we were dripping and sleepy by the time it was over.

No miracle occurred; the Furniture-Guy-from-Alabama was not there. Maybe he's retired. The man who used to sell the German Pyramids at a reasonable price wasn't there, either.

I'd also intended to buy one of those decorative plastic bag holders. Last year there were several booths that had them; these are made of different patterns of fabrics and made to hang up, with a drawstring at the bottom so you can take out a bag if you need one. We save our bags for various uses, but they usually pile up and when the present plastic container gets stuffed full, we take them to recycle. I wanted something a bit more attractive, in an apple or fall leaf pattern, both which I'd seen before. Ah well, none this year.

We did get a new doormat. There is a gentleman there who makes rugged rubber doormats recycled from old tires. He was short of red dividers, but we had him make us a custom one with yellow, orange and brown dividers to place at the front door to match the fall motif. The present mat, which has the grey dividers, will go on the deck. Eventually we will have stairs added to the deck and will have need to wipe our shoes off when we come inside from walking the dog.

We also bought enough barbecue sauce to last till next year (it was cheaper to buy six bottles than to buy four [wry g]), some wonderful preserves (lemon marmalade, pumpkin butter and the most delicious mint jelly which has bits of real mint leaves in it), and our yearly fudge treat from Ginny's Fudge and Nuts. We buy a sampler of eight 2-inch squares and will each have a half square for dessert until it's gone; we'll get another sampler next week at A Blue Ribbon Affair and will eat that after the original batch, and that's our fudge for the year.

I also bought a CD of Christmas music done in harp and woodwind and a 40 ml bottle of fancy maple syrup in a bottle shaped like a leaf. We prefer the heartier flavor of the medium and dark grades of maple syrup, but this will taste good on biscuits when James starts making them again in the fall, and then the bottle can be used for decoration. At the rate we use maple syrup, the bottle could last till next spring! We still have the full bottle of the darker stuff that my cousin Donna brought us back from Vermont last year.

And of course we treated ourselves to a big ear of roasted corn each. Yum! Almost better than chocolate.

As always there were lots of things I would have bought, but couldn't justify the expense, mostly lovely art prints: chickadees with Christmas motifs, real eggshell ornaments with wonderful motifs (one of them even had a budgie on it), Nativities of different forms, and the Sky Chairs. We figure we shouldn't buy the latter until we have an easier way to get to the back yard, since we would hang them under the deck.