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» Monday, August 14, 2006
"You Are a Booby and I Am Going to Have You Put in the Booby Hatch"
I found this little news item on Fox's site:
Wait, Unicorns Are Real? And Sighted?! And Literate?!!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An giant sculpture of a unicorn that went missing in Columbus, Ohio, has returned in almost mythical fashion.

It disappeared last weekend from a small park across from Thurber House, the museum that was once the home of author James Thurber. And the unicorn apparently has its own tale to tell.

There was a note underneath when someone out for a walk discovered the four-foot-tall bronze sculpture back on its pedestal yesterday morning.

In part, the note said: "Sorry if I caused a fuss, but I just needed to see the world outside of my shrine." It was signed "Unicorn."

Police took the note as evidence. The unicorn was unharmed.
Amused because "The Unicorn in the Garden" is one of my favorite Thurber stories and I believe I have a photo of the unicorn somewhere from when we visited the Thurber House several years ago.