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» Saturday, August 19, 2006
Points North
I'd told James some months ago that I would like to go up to Chattanooga one day in August to go to A.C. Moore, the craft store that we so enjoyed when visiting my mom's house. The closest one in this area is in Chattanooga. They carry quite a few things that are not the same as items from Michael's, JoAnn, or Hobby Lobby.

Before we left, James did a search on hobby shops and we had a couple tagged as we drove into town after listening to old-time radio shows on the way up.

We stopped at the first shop before going to Moore, this a tidy little place off a main street of grocery stores, drugstores, and other businesses; it seemed rather forlorn compared to AAA Hobbies where we go every week, with just the proprietor in the store. AAA is always filled with guys (occasionally gals and at least one dog, Rocky the Boston terrier) and this was a bit lonely.

Next we went to Moore's. I behaved myself but did pick up many things, which included a couple of sweatshirts in colors I had never seen in a sweatshirt in a hobby store (pale blue and turquoise) and a couple of things for Christmas presents, plus a discount stir-fry cookbook. Everything else was autumn-related, and (don't anyone faint who knows me) I actually bought some Hallowe'en decorations! Hallowe'en has never been my favorite holiday, but Moore actually had some things that were Hallowe'en-y without being too gruesome or too cutesy. I purchased a green witch with a green gauze costume supported with wire; metal cylinders dangle from the witch's "shoulders" to clatter when you open whatever she's hung on. I also got a ghost and a jack o'lantern in wood.

One thing I was delighted to see was a big jar of pheasant tail feathers for only $2. Hobby Lobby sells these things for $8 and they are always ratty from being handled. I wanted a couple for the ginger jar filled with cattails and Chinese lanterns that sits on the hearth.

We went next door to Books a Million and ended up spending more time in there than I'd planned: it was a big one! Didn't buy any books but was thoroughly delighted to find the new issue of Country (the August issue, but with absolutely gorgeous fall photos, including a center spread of a valley in Canada), and the October issue of Blue Ridge Country, with a photo spread of fall finery.

We also stopped at the Hamilton Place Mall to check out a games store. James checked out their supply of old Strategy & Tactics magazines and found a World War I-oriented card game. I investigated one row of games and found an old favorite, Po-ke-no, which we always played at my grandpa's house on Christmas Eve and other holidays. I may never get to play it, but it brings back such sweet memories that it makes me feel safe and happy.

We checked out one more store that sounded promising, but it was mostly a comics and fantasy gaming store; nothing we were really interested in. This place had a dedicated crowd and we couldn't help feeling sorry for the other, deserted hobby store.

On the way back we checked out a couple of stores at the Calhoun outlet mall center, but it was pretty underwhelming.

All in all it was a nice day.

OH! I forgot to mention the most important thing. On the trip up I finished the cross-stitch I began as "a leap of faith" when we decided to buy the house. It's a sampler-type piece with lettering on the left and bottom and a garland of grapes, autumn leaves, acorns, and other fruit at the top and right, with "We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing" in the center. It's just finished soaking in the sink. Next it must be ironed, then ironed to fusable backing, and finally framed to go into the dining room.