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» Saturday, August 12, 2006
Our Feathered Friends
Our bird feeder looks like the Publix parking lot at certain times of the day; I love watching it. Unlike the other house, we don't have three or four cardinals making the rounds, but we do have at least one pair. There is also the occasional sparrow and a chickadee once in a while (there were more of them in the spring). Today we saw a male goldfinch! The parent bluebird and her fledgeling whose presence I noted a few months back are still hanging around as well. The latter is amusing because he is still baby spotted on top, but his flight feathers have grown in a bright blue and he's getting the orangy breast.

Our most regular visitors are the nuthatches. We have one saucy and quick white-breasted nuthatch who seems to live on the pine tree directly behind us. He flits over and blithely hangs upside down pecking at the suet or gets on the feeder and eats like Pidgie, tossing the stuff he doesn't like overboard.

There are also several other birds which closely resemble a brown-headed nuthatch, but not quite. They almost look closer to a pygmy nuthatch but my bird book says those live out west. Maybe we have a lost pair? These little ones are incredibly brave. We had some folks over for the Fourth and Alice and Juanita were sitting on the deck talking and the two little ones just flitted around them eating as if they weren't there. A week or so ago I had been out on the deck talking to James, who was "airing" Willow, and one of them just flew up, gave me an appraising look and decided I was harmless, and crunched away.

We also have crows and blue jays, but they don't come to the feeder. A blue jay checked it out when we first put it up, then gave it a pass.

I bring Pidge to the window occasionally to see his wild cousins and he just looks at them with cocked head when they fly. Since he can't hear them through the windows it's just possible he thinks it's all "teevee."