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» Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Oh, Will You Look at the...Phone
Cell Phones Taking Over as Timepieces

Must admit I am one of these people; when the watch my dad bought me for Christmas in 1985 finally gave up the ghost, I was going to replace it, but it was an economic thing: I don't want a Rolex, but I would want a nice dial watch with a second hand (a "click" second hand rather than a sweep, with the second marks on the dial; none of those tiny "ladies' watches"). But why would I need one if my cell phone with the time on it is always on my hip? Bit of a redundancy, isn't it?

James' watchband got caught in a door the other day and bent the pins that hold it to the watch, so he purchased another watchband at WalMart just for the pins and has his watch back. He said he felt "naked" without it. I did, too, but the feeling has passed. :-)