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» Saturday, August 12, 2006
Friday Five

1) What was the bravest thing you have every done?

Have cancer surgery.

2) Describe the meanest thing you have ever done.

I got a classmate in trouble. I was friends with his sister and he was always pushing her around. So I marked one page of a brand new social studies book and he got blamed for it.

3) Tell us about the nicest thing anything anyone has done for you.

There are too many of those! Like the time many friends turned out in nearly 100° weather to help us move. Not to mention the friends who turned up in February to help us move. Not to mention my cousin Janice who made the lovely collage of photos of my mom for her funeral. And most of all my cousin Anna and her daughters who made sure my mom was okay when I wasn't there.

4) What was the most insane thing you have ever witnessed or done?

Me. Ridden on a roller coaster. I hate barf rides.

5) Describe the most "out of character" thing you secretly want to do.

Scream and holler at work and then shoot out the fluorescent light that's been shining directly in my eyes for the last two months.