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» Saturday, August 12, 2006
"Air! Air"
After the Easy Bake Oven day a few days ago, we had a respite today. The entire day looked like one in November or February, pretty much uniformly grey and drizzly when it wasn't raining outright—except that it was very warm and humid most of the time.

But a funny thing happened when we were driving home from Hobby Lobby: we noticed the breeze tossing the trees about and I rolled down my window a bit to sample the air and said amazedly, "James, it's cool!" And it was. The thermometer on Powder Springs Road said it was 71°F! In August! At five o'clock! My gosh, there is air out there somewhere.

Supposed to be "only" 84 tomorrow, but then creeping back into the 90s. ::expletive deleted::