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» Saturday, July 08, 2006
How Many Days Until Christmas?
I joined the forum at The Christmas Place yesterday and they were mentioning that the new Hallmark catalogs were out already, with the initial premiere of this year's Keepsake Ornaments on the 15th. I wanted to see if (1) I could get a catalog, (2) look around a Bombay Company because I think they have a curio shelf I might want, and (3) snoop around to see what they are doing to Cumberland Mall. They have been doing "an Extreme Mall Makeover" for several months now, to be finished in the fall: lots of plants, glass, vistas, and new restaurants (including a Maggiano's) coming up.

Well, nothing much to look at now and they no longer have a Bombay Company. I used to love Cumberland because they had the best-stocked BDalton ever, but that closed several years ago, and I haven't been to Waldenbooks since they got rid of the Preferred Reader program. So we did a pass of the pet store—my gosh, they are breeding their budgies to be dwarves; they had a couple of baby budgies that weren't much larger than big finches—and then wandered past American Greetings, which already had their Carlton line of ornaments out.

Their "New Home" ornament for 2006 was a holly wreath with birds on it. Not only that, but the birds were my favorite wild birds in the world, chickadees.

Yes, of course I have it. :-) (James bought it, along with their astronaut ornament.)

We got their catalog and the Hallmark one. Some good stuff this year, but I think most can wait until the 40 percent off sale after Christmas, except for one: there's a reproduction of an old-time "tombstone" radio that plays five different "stations" which supposedly has some Christmas music, a timecheck, and a nostalgic commercial!