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» Saturday, July 22, 2006
Communing With Nature
Something rather neat happened today after we left the hobby shop: we usually come out a generally deserted back way that leads behind the store and to Powers Ferry Road. As we approached the intersection, what looked like a rock was in the road...except the rock was moving! It was actually a turtle about eight inches long crossing the road at a leisurely pace.

We swerved to avoid it, then I said, "You know, someone's going to hit it," and James turned the truck around and stopped at the side of the road. I hopped out and approached the turtle. It froze and started to put its head into its shell, until my hands were about an inch from its shell. I think it realized I was still after it. All of a sudden its little legs all came thrusting out of the shell and it started moving faster than I ever thought a turtle could move.

So I never did pick it up, just walked behind it until it scurried into the grass across the street and into a bush, away from the "monster," where I'd planned to set it anyway had I gotten to pick it up. Have no idea what he was doing out there (the hobby shop is not near any water, and James said it was not a tortoise), and maybe later on he came back out and still got run over by some idiot who didn't care about one little turtle.

But I tried..."one small thing."

Later tonight we were sitting watching a movie when Wil needed to go out. When James brought her back in, he said, "there's a beautiful sunset out here." I remember my mom talking about how she and my dad always watched sunsets together; she'd be washing dishes and if one was particularly pretty he'd call and say "Forget the dishes; you have to see this," and they'd stand outside or at the front door if it was cold and watch the sunset. So I paused the film and trotted downstairs and we stood on the front porch watching the sunset. I didn't think fast enough and by the time I got back down with the camera it was mostly gone. But it was mighty pretty, great daubs of orange and white splashed against a gradually darkening and then purple sky. But this is what was left:

late sunset

The front lawn looked so good that I took the opportunity to romp on it a few minutes in bare feet. Feels pretty good. Our "lawn guy," who is super, even fertilizes for us, so the grass is pretty lush despite the heat. Didn't dare do that on the old lawn; too many bare spots and weeds and the constant fear of stepping on a fire ant bed. Haven't seen one yet; not sure if the lawn was treated when the sod was laid or if they just haven't found the neighborhood yet!