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» Sunday, June 04, 2006
James didn't have a whit of trouble installing a new motherboard and processor on his own unit, but apparently the installation instructions on this motherboard are pretty bad. There is no indication where the one memory stick is supposed to go (James says other boards are labeled where the first stick goes, then the next, etc.) and there is a sound connection cord and the instructions don't tell you where to plug it in. And this is a reputable manufacturer's motherboard! Imagine if we'd purchased the generic special!

In the meantime, since he installed his new motherboard, his PowerDVD will not play. I figured since he was being nice enough to put a computer together for me, I could reload PowerDVD for him.

Stopped in mid-install: we don't have a CD Key. On every other piece of software we own, the CD Key is written on the back of the disk holder or on the disk. Guess which disk isn't like that. [sigh] So I've fired off a scan of the DVD to Cyberlink (to prove we own it) and now have to wait for them to answer us. It's possible the Key is written on James' copy of the DVD (we bought two units, so we have two DVDs—theoretically, anyway) but we can't find it; it seems to have disappeared in the move. [double sigh]

I supposed it's wherever the timers for the lights are!

But since we emptied all the boxes

and didn't leave anything behind at the other house

where on God's green earth is that?