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» Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Urban Legends, "Mis"-beliefs and Other Things
Dish was doing a free Showtime preview this weekend and we had an opportunity to see two episodes of the Penn and Teller series, Bullshit! While I do wonder if there has to be quite so much profanity, I did find it pretty funny. The "Numbers" episode was especially pertinent since I had just finished reading Freakonomics, another text about how people use words to manipulate numbers so that they support what they advocate. I was particularly amused when the gentleman pulled the change gag and the wallet gag that Joe David Brown illustrated so vividly in Addie Pray (a.k.a. Paper Moon). The "Manners" episode was quite amusing, especially watching the "etiquette lady" rebuke her class for every tiny quirk in their table manners and the gentleman who was bothered by just about everything, including a perfect stranger walking by him on the street talking on her cell phone. I'm surprised he didn't start ranting about people breathing the air in his personal space.

Wonder if Netflix carries the DVDs of this series. Might be worth renting, along with other things people have recommended but we haven't wanted to buy, like Firefly.

Official Home Page of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!