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» Friday, May 12, 2006
Three Chilly Saints
I have before me my Ben Franklin's Almanac of Wit, Wisdom & Practical Advice, published by the Yankee magazine folks, and reading May 11th's "Lore & Legend" entry: "May 11, 12, and 13 were known collectively to old-time almanac makers as the Three Chilly Saints, named for three early Christian martyrs whose feast days occur now. These days are traditonally cold."

Well, not usually in Georgia. It's around Mother's Day when we usually give up the ghost and pop on the A/C, after the temperatures at night go over 60°F, when we find it too warm for sleeping on the second floor. But on Wednesday we had a day of dark, damp, dreary rain and when yesterday came, everything had been washed clean and cool and there was a brisk wind. I came home yesterday and "threw open the sash" like Clement Moore's protagonist, not to face snow but waving trees and refreshing breeze.

This morning the sky bloomed to an intense, almost December blue, with none of the yellow scum on the horizon that accumulates when it is warm. When I left work early it was almost chilly in the shade, and, although the day warmed up considerably, after the installer left and the laundry was done and I sat to cross-stitch in my rocker, the breeze playing over me almost had me wishing for a fleece blanket. (It was behind me but I resisted the impulse; if I'd put it on there would have been a "power surge" for sure.) (The joke about hot flashes is "My inner child is playing with matches." Matches, hell. My inner child carries a frappin' blowtorch!)

Tomorrow is going to be equally cool; too bad it won't stay this way for the housewarming. By then we'll have the door screens up and will have some lovely cross-drafts!