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» Monday, May 29, 2006
Fun Shopping
There's grocery, clothes, or necessary things shopping, and then there's fun shopping, which we did today. Michael's has 50 percent off coupons on holidays so I bought a matte cutter (you wouldn't believe what framing places want just to cut a matte) and some Zweigart evenweave. Their "Mediterranean" topiaries were half off, so I got an apple topiary for the top of the Expedit divider.

James also took me to Old Time Pottery. Last night while I was looking for something for Willow, I dropped one of the decorative tins and it hit the top of the cute ceramic "cow chef" figure I had bought there and broke its chef cap. We were hoping they had another one, but all we found was the companion cow, which looks like it was meant to hold a wine bottle. I bought it anyway. I went looking and think I have found all the parts of the chef's cap and am going to attempt to reassemble it with Superglue.

We also discovered the old Apex, our original DVD player, seems to have given up the ghost. It wouldn't load discs yesterday, but kept skipping, and did so today only with the greatest of difficulty. So we went by BrandsMart to get another DVD player for the guest room, just a simple Cyberhome like we have for our Region 2 player in the living room. Surprise! they are on sale for $18.88! Got it home and hacked it to Region 0 and now it "transposes" from American to British and back with equal aplomb.