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» Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Oh, look, we're #4:

Scranton Tops List of Worst Asthma Cities
Leading this year’s list are:

Scranton, Pa., Richmond, Va., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee.

Before you read the full list, check out the standards used in formulating the list.

“Researchers developing this year’s rankings looked at 12 factors from three broad categories -- prevalence, risk, and medical factors,” states a foundation news release.

“All factors are weighted differently but the most important ones are the risk factors, which included annual pollution and ozone levels, pollen counts, public smoking bans, and more.”
The price of progress seems to be pollution, no matter how many rules the Feds set up. They mow down more trees and clear more pastures every year for homes and new shopping centers (the latter especially irritating when older ones are sitting half empty in many places). And of course spring is tough with the prevalence of flowering trees.