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» Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Well, That's Annoying
In September of 2002, I had a heart episode: palpitations with a heart rate up to 190. James rushed me to the emergency room and I was in the hospital for two days. They never did find out what happened, but they put me on a beta blocker and also gave me Protonix, as the attending doctor's theory was that it was caused by a severe acid reflux episode. I admitted to her that I had been having terrible trouble with digesting my food properly at that time and that night had been very sick because we had eaten spaghetti with my home-made meat sauce. I don't use pepper, eat spicy foods and rarely eat any types of fatty foods; carbs are my downfall. But even the blandest of roast chicken would send me running for the Tums...I was swallowing sometimes a dozen of them a day—or more.

The Protonix came as a revelation. It was incredible that I could eat again without getting sick to my stomach. Salad dressings were still a problem (probably the acidity of the vinegar) and anything of that nature, like barbecue sauce, but otherwise it was wonderful to eat and not have to "reach for the Rolaids."

A year or so back I got a letter from Kaiser Permanente that said they had removed Protonix from their formulary and I was to take OTC Prilosec instead. I was pissed, because the Prilosec costs the same money for half the amount of pills. I was even more annoyed when I found out it doesn't work as well, either. Although I'm not to the point where I was before September of 2002, where things like a plain hamburger or sometimes even a piece of bread would make me sick, now I get indigestion again after eating any cooked meat and odd things like cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi fruit, and the yogurt I had to eat last month after taking antibiotics. (The yogurt thing was too weird; I was eating chocolate-flavored yogurt and when it came up on me it tasted like strawberries!)

I planned to tell the doctor about this when I went for a checkup this year, but now I'm really annoyed: I am having trouble with my computer at work and the helpdesk person asked me to try logging on to a different computer to see if it was my own CPU at fault. I used the office of a co-worker who is out and there, spread out on her desk, were bottles of her prescription meds. I noticed a brand new one was for Protonix. I noticed they were all prescribed by and from the pharmacy of Kaiser Permanente. Grrrrr...