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» Saturday, January 28, 2006
Still Here
Been an alternately bad and busy week. Still down about Anna and did a couple of large orders at work. Had yesterday off but had to go talk to the bank, the post office, and did some raking in the back yard to expose the termite bait stations, which are monitored quarterly. The sons of some friends of ours are considering coming over to rake the rest; I will gladly pay them—they're great kids. Every year James and I start the job and then both our backs give out by the time we get to the bagging part. Arthritis is such a pisser.

It's also time to do the annual cleaning of the gutters, now that all the leaves have finally fallen (it takes this long in Georgia!). I hate when James has to get on the ladder, but it has to be done. There's an inordinate amount of pine straw on the roof over the kitchen as well.

We've engaged a realtor to put our house on the market since the gentleman interested in our home had to pull out. I think she's already shown the house while we were out today, but haven't heard from her. Looks funny to have a "for sale" sign in the front yard.

In the meantime I apparently have some type of stomach bug with all the requisite discomforts. We provided the lunch—Swedish meatballs—at a monthly gathering with friends today and I spent far too much time retreating into "the reading room" (where there at least was a friendly Readers Digest to pass the minutes).