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» Thursday, January 05, 2006
Microspit Word Again
Who designed this piece of junk?

This morning I finally got the text of my document as I wanted it. I then proceeded to try to add an image. It was clip art, so I chose "clip art" from the insert dropdown. I could only go to clipart that was already loaded in the system, none of which fit what I needed it for (there seemed to be an inordinate amount of images of dogs and cats!), not to the CD of more appropriate clipart I had slipped into the disk drive. So I had to choose "insert picture" instead.

What a nightmare. I could resize the image okay, but I could not drag and drop it where I wanted it like you do in WordPerfect; I had to enter coordinates on a dropdown menu instead and keep going back and forth until the image was exactly where I wanted it since it only went into the new position after you pressed "OK." I also needed to rotate the image, but it only gave me rotation choices if I chose the option of putting the image under the text, not between text lines. This worked, but it was really stupid. It took me an hour to figure out this nonsense, simply doing it over and over again.