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» Thursday, January 05, 2006
In Defense of "Happy Holidays"...'s something I found: "The great fête of the people was Christmas. All times and seasons paled and dimmed before the festive joys of Christmas. It had been handed down for generations....It had come over with their forefathers. It had a peculiar significance. It was a title. Religion had given it its benediction. It was the time to 'Shout the glad tidings.' It was The Holidays....Christmas was distinctively 'The Holidays.'"

Written by Thomas Page in 1892.

Besides, the Christmas season isn't one holiday, it's many: the glad preparation of Christmas Eve, the happy rejoicing of Christmas Day, the continuing festivities of Boxing Day/St. Stephen's Day (should you wish to or get to celebrate it), the solemnity of Childermas (Holy Innocents Day), the partying run riot of New Year's Eve, the reflection of New Year's Day, and Twelfth Night and Epiphany to put the cap on the season. So it really is "Happy Holidays"!

Incidentally, I noticed at least three of our neighbors have kept their lights up this year; we are not the only ones with candles and wreaths left in our windows!