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» Thursday, January 12, 2006
The Back Porch
The Back Porch
::Please be Seated::

Onesome: "Please-- join us for a light dinner and some conversation." If you were coordinating a group of say, the thirty or so regulars here, where would you like to have them meet in your area to be able to spend some time talking and eating?

Wow, thirty...that's a hard one. We've had parties of ten to fifteen at Golden Corral, but as much as they say they have a "meeting room," really large parties like thirty seem to flummox them. It's a good place to go as everyone can get something he likes. I think we took a large party (fifteen) to Red Lobster once, and Copeland's managed to cope with a party of twenty. (But Copeland's is pretty expensive; some of us can't manage that.) All good places if you can get them to make a big table. A lot of restaurants are now laid out so they are a series of cozy nooks rather than a big room where you can get lots of friends together.

Twosome: be-- my Valentine? Yes, it's early, but do you have 'traditional" dinner plans for that holiday (or the time around it)? ...or if you don't, where would you like to go?

We usually end up at Olive Garden because we have a coupon. :-) We had other plans for Valentines Day this year, but they may have been sidetracked.

Threesome: Seated-- Hmmm... Table or booth? Do you have a preference when you go out to eat? Just wondering...

Whatever's there.