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» Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Radio Coverage of December 7-8, 1941
Sound files from the era at The Authentic History Center.

Apparently the famous John Charles Daly announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor, used on many historical programs, is an edited version of two different announcements Daly did.

The Kaltenborn clip is used in The Waltons episode "Day of Infamy." I have a copy of The Jack Benny Show with the war interrruptions.

People used to CNN and Fox News, plus local stations providing total coverage of a news event the moment it happens, may be surprised that most of the radio broadcasting schedule went on as planned that night. There were occasional bulletins and the story was covered on news programs, but there was no wall-to-wall news as would be done today.

(Check this site out: a great variety of different historical media.)