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» Thursday, December 29, 2005
Holy Cow--Have Kids Changed That Much?
Fitness Experts: "Don't Let Kids Hibernate"

I was the admitted bookworm and as I grew older I hated going outside to play in the summer in the heat and the sun, but if it snowed you couldn't keep me inside. I made little paths in the back yard and pretended they were roads to different places and tramped over to my godmother's house or across the street to the field. I didn't have a sled or skates, but loved walking in the snow. I'd even beg my mom to send me to the store on an errand! Every kid in town was out when it snowed, coasting or sliding on the ice.

I laughed seriously at this line: "If you think it's too cold outside, Adams and other pediatricians suggest taking kids to swim in an indoor pool, play indoor team sports such as volleyball or take up individual pursuits like karate." It was never too cold for us. We walked to school in weather that sometimes crashed under zero Fahrenheit—and the girls were in dresses; we weren't allowed to wear pants! Most of our parents couldn't afford to join anywhere that had an indoor pool or gave lessons. We made our own fun—and, I'm sorry, IMHO, we enjoyed ourselves a lot more. Who wanted parents making the rules and telling us what to do and everything being so structured? Some boys were in Little League or Peewee Football and a few of the girls took dancing lessons, but when we played, we wanted to be left on our own. The more I hear about kids growing up today the more I'm glad I'm not doing it myself now.