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» Friday, November 11, 2005
Ah, the Wonderful Scent...
...of a new never-even-been-read book!

I had put the new biography of C.S. Lewis, The Narnian, on reserve at the library earlier in the week although the website said they didn't even have a copy yet. What a surprise to get a phone call Wednesday saying it was in!

There was a string of small children filing in the library for story time when I got there, looked like first or second graders. Too cute!

Of course I couldn't go to the library without getting other books. I got Disney War, Christmas in Plains, and a Jakob Nielsen book about website usability. Just a well-rounded bout of reading.

Also continued with the DVD dubbing while cleaning out all three bathrooms and scrubbing their floors good and washing a load of clothes: "Once More With Feeling," from Buffy (I did "Dark Age" last night), the X-Files ep "War of the Coprophages," various short bits on X-Files and David Duchovny. Next up: A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. I have apparently misplaced or recorded over A Wrinkle in Time and, sadly, I don't care. I can always get it on DVD.

I'm facing what may be a dilemma: I recorded all three of the later Waltons reunion movies. I loved the series, except perhaps for a few—or really one particular—episode in the last season, and the three NBC movies which followed on. These are the three CBS movies, which restored the original theme song, but they "updated" the family into the 1960s to show the Waltons' reactions to things like the Kennedy assassination and the moon landing, but the cast was only aged that the stories should have taken place in the 1950s. It was stupid to throw the timeline out just to have the family interacting with those particular milestones; since John-Boy was a writer, I would have much preferred to have seen him tackle something like blacklisting, which would have kept with the timeline and been appropriate, too! I really didn't like them.

And it looks like I'm talking myself out of keeping them, too.