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» Monday, October 17, 2005
Operation Cleanup
I finally got all those old Period Living magazines out of the house. These are outstanding magazines if you are trying to restore an old house and I loved reading about them, but the expense just got too much. These magazines are printed on good solid heavy paper: Saturday I was bringing about six more downstairs and those weighed more than the four trade paperback computer books that I was carrying in the other arm! I'm down to the magazines I want to keep: Best of British, Reminisce, and odd decorating magazines and a few old Yankees that are not fall or Christmas issues that do not even fill two magazine holders. (The fall magazines are downstairs in a fall basket on the hearth. The Christmas magazines are in three magazine holders on top of the bookcase with the Christmas and holiday books.)

Didn't get much cleaned up myself on Saturday because I was so sick to my stomach, but James cleaned out two piles of magazines and must have had about 60 pounds of ones he didn't want for the "Magic Men" this morning.

It's amazing the things that are just scattered about the house. We seem to have an overabundance of carry straps everywhere, from small camera cases that have been used to carry PDAs and James' OneTouch kit. Plus short lengths of phone cord which I swear breed in the closet. Coat hangers have nothing on these guys.