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» Tuesday, October 18, 2005
DVD Transfer Diary
Well, I've finished three more videotapes and one disk and started another.

After the Muppet 30th anniversary show, I placed the Mary Tyler Moore 20th Anniversary Show and then the monumental 20th Century Fox: the First Fifty Years.

Then I started a new disk of Mark Russell specials: Mark Russell's England has the raconteur visiting all the sights (Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, the Imperial War Museum, Greenwich and more), taking a taxi ride—and spending the entire hour looking for ice, and then Mark Russell's Irish Fling!, where Mark learns about legal bookies and the Irish passion, horses, curling, the cliffs of County Clare, the Blarney Stone, and limericks, among others.

I'll need to add Mark Russell's Viva Italia! next, then don't know what else to do; I'm out of Russell's specials and don't think I have any more travel bits. Whatever.