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» Monday, October 10, 2005
Another Drizzly Damp Day
Ordinarily it wouldn't matter much—it was nice and cool, after all—but I was hoping I could spray. It hasn't been done for a month, and I noticed with some dismay as I was pruning small branches off the dogwood and maple trees, cutting down most of the honeysuckle around the mailbox, and trimming the vine off the porch that a branch of the privet bush is touching the roof. Sigh.

Summer is still holding on with her nails: mosquitoes were buzzing around me and I had to slap one off my arm.

Thankfully I did my shopping early and was home by noon and could get this over with. I am back to dubbing off tapes: I'd finished five favorite Twilight Zone episodes and A Cold Night's Death on one disc together and now I am putting 23 Paces to Baker Street on after Seven-Per-Cent Solution (seemed appropo!).